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Give your kindy kids the chance to grow their own sunflower and be in to win great prizes!

Submissions for the 2015 Sunflower Project have now closed,
BUT, if your sunflower plants didn’t grow or flower in time,
you may still be able to enter the new Daltons Late Bloomers Awards.


Welcome to the Daltons Sunflowers in Kindergarten project, designed to inspire the next generation of gardeners and their teachers, and give children the opportunity to engage in gardening. The project is in its third year and to date approximately 10,000 children have taken part in the project and grown some amazing sunflowers.

So can your kindergarten kids grow the tallest sunflower or widest sunflower face? Win prizes from Daltons and Warehouse Stationery for your kindergarten, PLUS go into the draw to win a gardening workshop at your kindergarten with media personality and award winning landscape designer Xanthe White!

Last year 244 kindergartens and their kids grew some amazing sunflowers. In fact Taupaki kindergarten in Auckland literally grew their sunflower through their deck roof at a stunning 2.88 metres tall. Roof panels had to be removed to give the plant more room to grow!

This year see if you and your kindy kids can growth the tallest sunflower or widest sunflower head in your region!


How does it work

Register your kindergarten online before Friday 31st July 2015 to receive your Daltons starter pack with everything you need for your kindergarten kids to grow their own sunflower. Your starter pack will be delivered to your kindergarten and contains Daltons Premium Seed Mix, Premium Potting Mix, Kings Seeds SkyScraper, peat pots, growing instructions, Daltons measuring tape, growth tracking charts, and more!



EACH REGION* will have the following prize categories...

The Tallest Sunflower
$150 Daltons product voucher
$100 Warehouse Stationery Voucher
The Widest Sunflower Head
$150 Daltons product voucher
$100 Warehouse Stationery Voucher

Xanthe White


Prize draws to win a workshop with Xanthe White (one in North Island, one in South Island)

Best overall photo – photos or learning experiences and you could win a framed copy of the photo from Warehouse Stationery and $100 Daltons voucher. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for your photo!


Daltons Best Little Gardener of each kindy - It could be the child who's commitment to the project stood out the most, such as the most diligent watering or most enthusiastic gardener, it’s up to you. We’ll include the prize in the starter pack. Don’t forget to send us a photo and name of your Daltons Best Little Gardener at the end of the project!

PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATES - Available in the Learning Centre for you to download and print off so every child gets a special momento.


* Additional information and growing tips are provided in your starter pack - or can be downloaded here.
* Please ensure you review the project terms and conditions.

* This project is only running in selected regions of New Zealand for 2015. For details on the participating kindergarten associations in each region please review the terms and conditions.

Image of budding gardeners Aimee Goldsworthy and Preston Nehemia who took part in the 2013 Daltons Sunflowers in Kindy’s Project was kinidy provided by Nicola Topping from Real Image Ltd www.realimage.co.nz.


Key dates

Friday 31st July 2015

24th August 2015

Tuesday 8th December 2015

Learning Centre


The Daltons Sunflower Project provides so many wonderful learning opportunities for kindy kids. Gardening skills and knowledge used to be something that was passed down through the generations in families, but these days this is not always the case. Throughout the project, the children will gain gardening skills for life, learn about a plants life cycle in action and how to nurture a tiny seed into a beautiful flower. Children are provided with opportunities for independence and responsibility as they learn to take care of their plants. They are also exposed to basic math concepts through measuring and recording their plant's growth each week.

We’ll also send fortnightly email newsletters to teachers throughout the project full of information about sunflowers, learning sheets and fun activities to share with their kindy kids to spark their creativity and learning.

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