Daltons Bulb Mix

Available Quantities:
15L bags.
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Specially formulated for growing bulbs in containers or for planting bulbs in outdoor gardens.


Daltons Bulb Mix contains Osmocote Exact® controlled release fertiliser to guarantee a supply of nutrients to match bulb feeding requirements. Gypsum is added, along with other nutrients, to ensure the bulking up of bulbs which promotes abundant flowers for this season as well as next season.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Contains Osmocote Exact® controlled release fertilisers to feed plants for up to 8 months
  • Contains Trichodry® - the friendly fungus - which helps prevent root and bulb damage
  • Contains New Zealand Pine Bark Fines and Fibre
  • Contains Coco Fibre for maximum water retention and root development
  • Contains Daltons Pumice for ideal aeration
  • Contains Daltons Permawet wetting agent for efficient re-wetting and water usage.