Daltons Premium Seed Mix

Available Quantities:
Bulk, 40L, 15L and 5L bags.
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Germination of seeds and establishment of seedlings with vigorous and healthy root growth. Daltons Premium Seed Mix is specially formulated to ensure your seedlings receive the best possible start.


Another commercially proven mix, Daltons Premium Seed Mix is used by leading cell growers throughout New Zealand. Daltons Premium Seed Mix is a blend of Coco Fibre, screened New Zealand Bark Fines and Daltons Pumice. This ensures optimum particle size for the germination and growing of seedlings. A balanced blend of fertilisers are incorporated including Osmocote Exact Mini® 3/4 Month, a commercial quality fertiliser giving even distribution of nutrients. Daltons Permawet wetting agent is added for even hydration throughout the mix and Trichodry® is added for chemical free disease suppression and naturally healthy seedlings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Commercially proven mix for use in seed germination and cell trays
  • Contains Osmocote Exact Mini® controlled release fertiliser to ensure even growth and nutrients for up to 4 months
  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Contains Trichodry® - the friendly fungus - for seedling health
  • Environmentally friendly