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Daltons incredible edibles® Container Mix

Available Quantities:
40L bags.
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Daltons incredible edibles®Container Mix is a blend of high quality ingredients and fertilisers designed specifically for growing edible plants in containers or for planting them in the garden. It is also ideal for use as a general potting mix or outdoor tub mix.


    Daltons incredible edibles®Container Mix contains Coco Fibre, Bark and Pumice that provide the very best structure, air filled porosity and water holding capacity for growing in containers. The ideal nutrient supply comes from controlled release coated fertilisers which release nutrients in response to potting mix temperatures and moisture content.

    Features and Benefits:

    • High fibrous content for increased moisture retention
    • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
    • Complete blend of fertilisers to feed plants for up to 8 months
    • Commercially proven.


        Daltons incredible edibles® Container Mix is the perfect growing media for growing edible plants in containers, or for using as a soil amendment when planting in your garden. With its quality blend of ingredients and full complement of fertilisers, your fruit tree or edible plant will have the very best growing conditions. And as it’s manufactured by Daltons, quality and performance are assured.