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Daltons Easy Lift Container Mix

Available Quantities:
25L bags.


Daltons Easy Lift Container Mix is designed for use in all outdoor containers, including hanging baskets and window boxes.


Daltons Easy Lift Container Mix is a blend of high quality ingredients and fertilisers designed specifically for the repotting of outdoor plants, including bulbs, shrubs and ornamentals.

Features and Benefits:

  • Blended from 100% organic and renewable ingredients.
  • Meets the high nutrient demands of outdoor growing for up to 8 months.
  • Contains coco fibre and bark fibre which significantly increase moisture retention.
  • Contains Permawet® wetting agent to increase wettability of the mix, ensuring even moisture distribution and penetration of water to the root zone.
  • Guaranteed weed free.
  • Contains controlled release fertilisers for 8 months complete nutrient supply.

Product Tip:

For improved water retention and plant growth in hanging baskets, use a Besgrow Sphagnum Moss Hanging Basket Liner.