Daltons Big Value Potting Mix

Available Quantities:
40L bags.
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Daltons Big Value Potting Mix provides the ideal growing medium for all plants both indoor and outdoor - in pots and containers. It contains a blend of fertilisers including controlled release fertiliser for improved plant growth and vigour. Excellent for indoor and outdoor plants.


A blend of Daltons unique CAN fines, Bark Fibre and Pumice. Containing Osmocote Exact® Controlled Realease fertilisers and Osmoform starter fertiliser this product represents real value for money. Often out performing its more fancied competitors it is the perfect product for all indoor plants and can be used outdoors. Just remember to top up with a quality slow release fertiliser such as Triabon after 3 months. This product represents real value for money.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Contains a blend of controlled release fertilisers
  • Contains New Zealand Pine Bark Fines and Fibre
  • Contains Daltons Pumice for ideal aeration
  • Regularly out-performs it's more expensive competitors.