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Daltons Organic Sheep Pellets

Available Quantities:
15kg and 8kg bags.
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An organic fertiliser consisting of pelletised sheep manure and residual wool.


Daltons Organic Sheep Pellets are made from pelletised sheep manure and wool waste. In addition to being a gentle source of nutrients, sheep pellets make an excellent soil conditioner, improve soil moisture retention and aeration. The nutrient release from Daltons Organic Sheep Pellets is prolonged as sustained microbial activity is required to break down the organic matter in the pellets. This slow release effect means there is little risk of the plants suffering from fertiliser burn.


For garden beds - flowers and vegetables:
Add 1kg per square metre and fork into the soil to a depth of around 200mm.

For planting - roses and ornamental shrubs:
Add 1kg to each planting hole and mix thoroughly with the soil.

Side dressing or mulch - trees and shrubs:
Apply liberally as mulch around existing plants to a depth of around 3cm and water thoroughly. Keep away from the base of the plants.

Daltons Organic Sheep Pellets can be added to your compost heap to speed up the compost process by providing extra nitrogen (add 5kg per cubic metre). They can also be partially dissolved in water to make a liquid fertiliser. As Daltonsn Organic Sheep Pellets are safe to use in nearly every garden situation they are a friend of every gardener!