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Daltons Organic Bio-fungicide Powder 

Available Quantities:
250g Boxes.


For plant maintenance, a living barrier against disease. Trees, shrubs, roses & established flower beds, vegetables & bedding plants, indoor plants, pots, tubs, containers and lawns.


Daltons Organic Bio-Fungicide Powder is a non-toxic and organic natural protectant, produced from unique bio-inoculant strains of Trichoderma to create a fast acting protective barrier around plant roots.
Interacts with a plant’s growing roots to provide a living barrier that protects against plant pathogens and boosts the plant’s own immune system. As a foliar spray it also helps protect against leaf disease (apply at 5 day intervals). There is no with-holding period after application.

Features and Benefits:

    • Protects against: Damping off (Pythium), Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora.

    • Non-toxic, organic and BioGro approved.

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