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Daltons Rose & Flower Mix

Available Quantities:
30L bags.
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As a soil conditioner or planter mix in garden beds, raised gardens or large planter boxes. Daltons Rose & Flower Mix can be used as a general garden mix and is ideal for all flowers and most vegetable crops.


Daltons Rose & Flower Mix has been specially developed by horticultural experts as a superior alternative to other planting soils for the outdoor growing of roses. The specific blend of organic composted material is designed to improve soil structure and encourage strong root systems. Daltons Rose & Flower Mix is manufactured from organic compost, bark fines and coco fibre with added fertilisers to create an excellent in-ground growing environment. Plus, it contains nutrients to feed for up to 4 months.

Features and Benefits:

  • greatly assists in aerating heavy soils and improves drainage
  • improves water holding capacity and aeration in light or sandy soil
  • improves soil structure
  • encourages strong root systems
  • contains nutrients to feed for up to 4 months

Product Tip:

In all gardens or containers, for best results, always add a generous layer of Daltons Garden Mulch to maintain moisture, soil temperature, encourage earth worms and prevent weeds.