Daltons incredible edibles® Garden Grow Bag

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Daltons incredible edibles® Garden Grow Bags are ideal for any areas where space is a premium. Ideal for tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries or other vegetables or edible plants. Daltons incredible edibles® Garden Grow Bags make gardening easy!


    A complete mix that requires no added fertilisers and will deliver 6 months supply of complete nutrients. When your plants have finished you can either add it to your compost heap or dig it directly into your garden.

    The Home Grown Choice
    Room for: 2 tomato or asparagus
    OR 3 strawberry
    OR 8 lettuce or herb plants
    OR try any vegetable or flower!

    Features and Benefits:

    • Compact gardening
    • Easily movable to avoid frosts
    • An all-in-one solution for growing vegetables and edible plants
    • Can be placed in protected areas for earlier crops
    • Made from sustainable and renewable resources.

        Daltons incredible edibles® Garden Grow Bag is the perfect growing media for growing edible plants. With its quality blend of ingredients and full complement of fertilisers, your fruit tree or edible plant will have the very best growing conditions. And as it’s manufactured by Daltons, quality and performance are assured.