Daltons Big Value Blue Complete

Available Quantities:
8kg bags.
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An all purpose continuous release plant food for new and existing flower and vegetable garden beds, trees and shrubs.


Instantly recognisable as it is not only distinctively coloured blue on the surface, but also on the inside of the prill. Daltons Big Value Blue Complete is an advanced technology fertiliser with high granule solubility, high availability of Phosphate high crushing strength and high quality nutrients all in one homogeneous (N+P+K+TE) prill. It can be used safely across a wide range of crops to provide long lasting nutrient supply.

Features and Benefits:

  • Promotes vibrant, beautiful blooms and strong root growth.
  • Delivers complete NPK nutrition plus trace elements in each prill.
  • Is a safe and easy to use, no dust formulation.
  • Supplies a quality, balanced blend of nutrients for 2-3 months.