Daltons Organic Compost

Available Quantities:
Bulk and 40L bags.


As a soil conditioner or mulch where BioGro certification is required or 100% organic products are preferred.


A blend of composted bark fines, untreated aged sawdust and chicken manure. The added Gypsum provides extra calcium and improves drainage. Great to use as a soil revitaliser and to assist with water holding in lighter soils and drainage in heavier soils. Daltons Organic Compost improves soil structure in your garden by adding organic nutrients to your existing garden beds which stimulate microbial and earthworm activity.

Features and Benefits:

  • Bio Gro Certified Organic, contains no chemicals or residues
  • 100% Weed-free and produced from sustainable and renewable ingredients
  • Adds organic material and nutrients to boost soil health and plant growth
  • With added Gypsum for improved plant and soil health